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Protect Against Supply Chain Attacks
Continuously and intelligently monitor all network traffic
The same encryption technology that secures your data today is being used to evade detection and conceal cyber threats/attacks. Eliminate these threats by continuously monitoring the network, non-intrusively, for Supply Chain/APT attacks that use digital certificates as Trojan Horses.
Stop Attacks in Their Tracks with Encryption Control
While perimeter defenses work well to stop “cold call” attacks, the new era of supply chain attacks bypass these defenses with a direct shot to your application cores.
  • Stop all untrusted/unvalidated encrypted traffic completely with gateway encryption inspection
  • Create and graphically display baselines for all traffic
  • Ingest IOCs and operationalize policy directly with a robust policy engine

SUNBURST Supply Chain Attacks Exposed

Are bad actors lying in wait with your encryption keys–and soon your data?

HelmCyber continuously monitors network traffic giving visibility to cryptographic infrastructure and encryption usage. Using this certificate-based view, you can localize APT clusters in your environment, graphically displaying and creating a topological baseline—hidden exfiltration and untrusted certs are stopped in their tracks.

Reveal Bad Actors in Your Network

Keeping your certificates up to date and authentic is difficult to do–whether you are in the cloud or in the datacenter. Once bad actors get inside your network without a Zero Trust architecture, they are often able to move laterally without your knowledge, and exfiltrate gaining access to multiple systems with little chance of detection. These actors can cause significant damage by tampering with or stealing sensitive information. HelmCyber provides AI technology to find, in near real time, intruders that are lurking in your network by continuously monitoring, assessing, verifying and ultimately eliminating these bad actors.

CMMC – Driving Maturity to Level 5

Out of the box, HelmCyber dramatically increases critical maturity across all levels of certification in multiple domains.

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Financial Compliance

Network audit trails get to the root of security events. Find out how HelmCyber meets and exceeds 23-NYCRR-500 (NY DFS 500).

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Continuous State of Audit

Find every abandoned, unmanaged, or expired cert on your network, reducing risks and mitigating vulnerabilities quickly.

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